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How We Define

A Holistic Approach to Medical and Orthopedic Exercise & Prohabilitation™

Physicians Fitness is in the business of rethinking the way we think about exercise and physical fitness. An exercise should be tailored to the individual; the individual should not be forced to fit the confines of a specific exercise motion – especially if it cause them irritation, discomfort or pain. Our team specializes in medical and orthopedic exercise and Prohabilitation™ by taking a holistic and transparent approach to your unique circumstances. We explore past the surface and journey through your medical history, digging deeper into your real and personal needs and goals to create a fully custom mobility solution for you based on your pain points, chronic discomforts, and daily routine.

Our Team

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Tracie A. Quinn
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Charlie Rowe
Martha Owens
Sheila O’Reilly
Jessica Cahen
Ryan Deeter

How We Define Exercise

To kick things off, we like to provide clients with a new definition of an old word and a brand new concept altogether.

Exercise (n.) –

A physical or mental exertion, or the removal thereof, most often for the purpose of physical training, to improve health and/or performance. A stimulus/stimuli applied, or removed, over some duration, and/or created from within, a neuromotor control system, resulting in a neuromotor solution/response, with the purpose of eliciting an intended and specific physiological change/state.

Prohabilitation (n.) –

The process of using exercise to advance and maintain optimal physical and mental fitness throughout one’s lifespan.

Prohabilitation is a new word we have coined and we believe this word, along with its definition, can capture the overarching philosophy we employ to improve your health and wellness for life.

To use a metaphor, your physical body is a crime scene and we are the expert forensic investigators. You approach us with a movement issue, pain point or area of discomfort and we dig through the evidence – in this case, your medical and activity history, daily routine and other relevant factors. We then explore all potential options. The answer usually isn’t easy to find; just as the first or easiest suspect in your favorite crime drama is never the actual perpetrator. And just because the discomfort is local doesn’t mean the cause or solution is, which means we must use our knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and physics to locate the source and create a custom, long-term remedy.

Our Process & Approach

Thorough research and “homework” must be done to properly suit you with a long-term prohabilitation or injury prevention routine. To start off, we get to know you – the person. What are your hobbies? What is your medical history? How do you move? Does it hurt when you move? Where does it hurt, when does it hurt, and how long does it hurt? From here, we get to work! Our team builds a fully custom exercise routine, complete with modifications and motions you won’t find in a textbook or on the internet.

We then monitor your mobility and comfort levels as you complete the routine, offering additional modifications, consulting and support along the way. We are firm believers that, with the right mental fitness support, the physical aspect becomes a lot easier. Physicians Fitness isn’t just a personal training organization, nor are we orthopedic surgeons – we are your long-term partner in the long-term physical health of your muscles and joints!

Our goals

1) To create mutual trust and build credibility as a professional provider of health and fitness services by discovering all of the relevant information about an individual’s physical, emotional, and medical needs, educating them about our services and their unique physiologic system.

2) To establish a long term working relationship with an individual as their ongoing manager of health and fitness provider, evaluating their health history, performing physical assessments, developing and implementing corrective actions, teaching movement skills and specific fitness processes, that systematically progress their physical health over time.

3) To develop a relationship of advocacy that supports an individual’s physical needs, helping them to connect with local and regional resources that serve their ongoing health goals. We do this by proactively developing collaborative relationships with providers from all fields of professional healthcare.

If there are any problems or concerns that you have with the quality of your movement and physical health you have come to the right place! Contact us today to set up your initial consultation with the certified medical and orthopedic exercise specialists at Physicians Fitness.