COVID-19 Spread Prevention Procedures


Physicians Fitness Clinic COVID-19 Plan

In addition to the operating business requirements established by the Ohio Governor’s Stay-at-Home Order we will be implementing the following guidelines at the clinic:

  1. We are keeping the total number of people in the clinic to a maximum of 6 at any one time.
  2. We will keep the doors locked – so just knock when you get to the door.
  3. If there are five people already in the clinic we will just have you stay in your car until at least one      of those five leaves. We can text you when that occurs.
  4. Staff will be wearing face masks. We recommend that you wear an appropriate face mask as well. We can take surface skin temperatures at the forehead. If the reading is 96.8 deg F (35.6 Deg C) or higher you will be directed to seek medical care immediately. (a)
  5. A Staff member with a client will keep the 6 ft spacing recommendation. Obviously, the way we         work means your medical exercise or orthopedic exercise specialist will be closer than that to you.
  6. Hand sanitizer or soap and water for hand washing prior to and after the session is available.
  7. We are sanitizing the equipment with approved sanitizers after each use.
  8. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to put them forward.


(a) Reference: