We Solve Movement & Pain Problems Others Can't Without Drugs or Surgery

We are Medical Exercise Specialists & Certified Muscle System Specialists™

Have you exhausted the quick fix solutions and wondering what to do next?

Don’t give up. We can help!

Certified Muscle System Specialists have reinvented the art and science of personal training with innovative exercise technology to help you get out of pain and get back to life. It’s time to feel good again!

Pain during daily activities? Frustrated you don’t move the way you used to?

Worried your nagging injury will never get better?  

We are serious problem solvers!

“We help you achieve independence and freedom so that you can live a happy and satisfying, pain-free life by building wellness together through fitness education, exercise, and muscle/joint injury prevention.”

Exercise Experts With a Holistic Mindset

The team of medical exercise and fitness specialists at Physicians Fitness brings much more than 26+ years of experience to the table. We also employ a comprehensive and holistic system strategy to your total health. From mental support and consulting, to comfortable, hands-on assistance and custom exercise design, we firmly believe that an all-inclusive approach is necessary for an all-inclusive result.

You will not find injections or pain killers in our repertoire, rather a revolutionary system of innovative custom built exercises and modifications that can’t be found in textbooks or online. We recognize that this path isn’t always a quick fix, but when we work together as your partner to remedy the issue at its core, you walk away with more confidence and greater long-term mobility.

It is personal training:


When your Muscle System isn’t working at a high quality, you’ll experience unwanted symptoms, pain, and problems when you move or try to stay in positions.  The Certified Muscle System Specialists (CMSS)™at Physicians Fitness work directly with your muscular system to address issues with aches, pains, and the lack of confidence you may experience when you move—and to help you enjoy your daily life with better quality and less discomfort. 

Most personal trainers and fitness “experts” subscribe to the latest health and fitness fads to inform them on how to train their clients, using methods that are unsustainable, potentially dangerous, and are anything but “personal”.   But not your CMSS™. 

Your CMSS™ practitioner is a critical thinker, using a rich knowledge base of science and physiology to inform their process every step of the way of your journey toward moving better and feeling better for life. 


Your CMSS™ team at Physicians Fitness are also Certified Medical Exercise Specialists and Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialists.  We are experienced practitioners with decades of expertise, confidently able to engage with fellow members of your healthcare team– your doctor, surgeon, and physical therapist– about your condition and your progress.  

Imagine having an educated, seasoned veteran in your corner, guiding you every step of the way toward your personal version of optimal quality of life.  Utilizing a highly specialized, unique exercise and wellness regimen built just for you, we will be an advocate for your long-term health and quality of life. 

How Can Physicians Fitness Help You?

It is incredibly important to manage the age-related decline of muscle function and bodily control for optimal health over the lifespan, especially in the presence of disease. The right exercises may proactively prevent injuries that stem from age-related risks or other daily functions. The right exercise regimen can help continue to rehabilitate you after physical therapy (so you can avoid Incomplete Rehab Syndrome) and continue to increase strength post-rehabilitation and transition you into Prohabilitation™.


In these ways and more, we can assist you in maintaining mobility, quality of life, and support your long-term comfort by:
  • Managing your transition from medical care to fitness
  • Facilitating a natural path to build up your health & fitness
  • Discovering & unlocking your body’s own answers/solutions
  • Teaching your body more ways to learn to move well without discomfort
  • Improving your body movement & body control to prevent injury
  • Promoting self-efficacy so you are empowered to take control of your life
  • Delaying & possibly avoiding surgery and shots
  • Managing chronic disease to minimize its negative influence on living the life you want
  • Proactively managing decline so you can age with dignity and vigor
  • Using exercise as a modality for maintaining a high quality of life.

Your Body, SMARTER.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

Proudly Serving Columbus, Ohio Communities

For your convenience, Physicians Fitness currently has an office in Dublin, Ohio located just off the 270 By Pass and Sawmill Road Exit! We serve clients from each of the following communities:
  • Westerville
  • Upper Arlington
  • New Albany
  • Grove City
  • Plain City
  • Worthington
  • Bexley
  • Gahanna

Proactively Assisting Clients Who Have Been Cleared By Their Physician To Exercise With The Following Concerns & Needs:

  • Muscular pain & discomfort
  • Joint pain & discomfort
  • Exercise rehabilitation following physical therapy
  • Joint preservation & injury prevention
  • Pre-Surgery strengthening
  • Possible pain reduction without use of opioids
  • Other general health & fitness concerns
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke

Ready to Take the Next Step Toward a More Mobile Tomorrow?

If there are any problems or concerns that you have with the quality of your movement and physical health you have come to the right place. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and evaluation – the first step to improving your health is to get the conversation going!

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