A broken clock is absolutely right 2 x per day but absolutely wrong the rest of the day – quick fixes are like this – they may work for a couple of people but not for most.

Four reasons why quick fixes to your low back pain didn’t work for you:

1. Quick fixes ignore your uniqueness – your history, age, capabilities

2. Quick fixes assume that all pain comes from the same cause – it doesn’t

3. Quick fixes assume that the problem is where you feel the pain – not always

4. Quick fixes don’t take into account that the healing process for different parts of the body may take different amounts of time.

So, what do you do when the quick fixes fail?

Find a professional who will take the time to discover and address your unique circumstance

And one that doesn’t assume all pain comes from the same cause

And one who works to address your whole body system and not get stuck on working where your pain is

And finally find a professional who understands that healing times are different for different body parts.

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